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Words To Live By | Fashions For Christian Women | Theology Website | District Elder At Large In COOLJC in New Jersey | Children's Ministry Corner | Sunday School Lessons on the Web | Studies From Friday Night Bible Class: Book of John- Part Two | We are a Ministry established for helping those in the Body of Christ to utilize and Apply Theology in the Workplace, as well as minister to unchurched people. In short, we are a ministry that serves in stewardship beyond the four walls of the local church. I am the Executive Minister of the First Antioch Church of the Lord In Trenton ,N.J. where Bishop W.A. Clark, 11 is the Pastor and Founder. Our Church is located on 188 Pennington Ave. Trenton, N.J. 08618, and phone number is 609-599-3951. | Net Bible Institute Free Studies | Christian Audio Music On The Web | About New Testament Salvation | Contact Us | POETRY CORNER | New Page Title | Current Events,The News,Weather | Studies From Friday Night Bible Class-Part One | Treasure The Moment Bookstore On The Web | Online Audio Bible


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