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LESSON ONE: The Book of Mark

Theological Implications
Purpose and Theme of Mark

The theme of the book of Mark is
Jesus Christ as servant, and for his
Disciples to follow in his steps.

The purpose of this book is that
humility and meekness is not low esteem
but it is willing submission, and
self restraint in the use of power.

Grace is demonstrated by Jesus showing
a paradox(departure from his mission, in
order to reinforce his mission), by sharing
his mercy to the Syrophoenician Woman
(Mark 7:26-28).

Justice of God is God's Standard of
Salvation, that its God's Will for all to
be saved, but that it is more difficult
for a Rich Person to be saved(Mark 10:45;
Luke 18:21-23).

Righteousness is God's requirement of
right living and stewardship that empowers
one to seek him and to have his indwelling
presence, but if one looks to worldy fame
and priorities, they will lose their soul
and their part out of eternity, and God's
Kingdom(Mark 8:34-36).

Man's Condition is one of Sin(Psa.51:5).
Jesus Christ forgives sin, but tow sins he
won't forgive is blasphemy against the Holy
Spirit(Mark 3:28.29), and suicide(Matt. 27:
3-8; Acts 1:18-20).


Directions: Read this information above,and
using a dictionary and your Bible, answer the
questions below in your own words, using a
complete sentence. This study is free of charge,
but those who desire a certificate of
please send to our ministry a freewill
offering to caver shipping and handling.

1. What is the theme of the Book of Mark ?

2. What is the purpose of the Book of Mark ?

3. Explain these two paradoxes:
A. The Conversion of the Syrophoenican Woman
Mark 7;26-28)

B. What is meant by being a servant ?

4. How does the Righteousness of God differ
from the Justice of God (Mark 8:36;Mark
mark 10:25) ?

5. Which of the two unforgiving sins are
mentioned in the book of Mark(Mark 3:28,
29) ?


Systematic Theology is defined as the orderly
and organized study of the Bible in thematic
categorical subject matter. These area are as
1. Angelology(Study of Angels)John 20:11-14)
2. Anthropology(Study of Man)John 2:23-25)
3. Bibliology(Study of God's Word)John 6:63
4. Theology(Study of Written Word)John1:1
5. Christology(Study of Jesus Christ)John 1:14
6. Pneumatology(Study of the Holy Spirit)
John 14 :16; 16:7;20:22
7. Ecclesiology(Study of the Church(John 21:5-8)
8. Hamartology(Study of Sin)John 1:29; 8:7; 16:8
9. Satanology or Demonology(Study of Satan and
his Demons John 5:10-13; 6:70; 8;44)
10. Eschatology(Study of Last Things or Endtimes)
John 5:28,29; 11:21-26; 14:1-3)
11. Soteriology(Study of salvation)John3:5,7,12


1. Key Verses: John 3:5,7,12,16; John 4:19-16;
John 10:10; John 13:33-35; John 14:1-6;
John 15:1-15; John 18:36-38

2. Purpose of Book of John:
To learn that life has a spiritual dimension
through Jesus Christ(John 4:24;John 6:63).
That faith(John 11:25,26), hope(John 14:1-3),
and love(John 3;16; John 13:33-35) are the
fulfillment of l Cor, 13:12,13(Faith, Hope

3. The theme of the Book of John deals with
the New Birth, Life in the Spirit,the Love
of God.

4. Theological Analysis of this book lays out
the conflict between the disciples of Jesus
and the disciples of John(John 17:11-23; Acts
19:1-6). This is the present division of
Christianity today between Bible Fundamentalist,
Evangelicals versus the Apostolic, Pentecostal,
Charismatic. Jesus Prayer in John was that they
would be one.

J-Jesus(John 1:1,9,14)
O-One God, One Lord(John 4:24-26)
H-Holy Spirit(John 14: 16-18; 16:8-13)
N-New Birth(John3:3-7)


DIRECTIONS: Please use your Bible, your
dictionaries, and any other pertinent books
of research along with your Bibles. Study the
above passages, and answer the questions
below in your own words with one completed
sentence for each question. Those students who
desire a certificate of completion, may send in
a freewill offering to cover shipping and

1. What is theology ?

2. What is Systematic Theology ?

3. What is the purpose of the Book of John ?

4. What is the theme of the Book Of John ?

5. Describe the similarities between John 3:16 and
John 13:33-35.

6. What does the Greek word logos mean in John
1:1 ?

7. What does the word Cana mean in John 2:1 ?

8. How does John 2:20,21 compare to John 6:53-
60) ?

9. Why did Jesus perform miracles according to
John 11:23-25 ) ?

10. Compare John 3:12 to l Cor. 15:45-47 .

11. How does John 3:29 relate to Matt. 25:1-10 ?

12. According to John 3:20, what was the Mission
of Jesus Christ ?

13. Who were the Samaritans according to John 4:7-9;
11 Kings 17:, 21-23, 27,28 and why did the Jews
hate them(John 4:9; Nehemiah 4:2) ?

14. How did Jesus describe the Kingdom of God(John
14,24,34; John 6:27 Rom 14:17) ?

15. According to Matt.22:29, what are the two
divisions of the Book of John(John 5:13,39) ?

16. What was the significance of Jesus telling the
the the man rise up and take up thy bed and walk
(John 5:8; Prov. 18:21) ?

17. Why did Jesus feed the multitudes naturally as
well as physically accordin to John 6;5;
Matt.15:32; James 2:14-17 ?

18. Who were the 70 Disciples(Luke 10:1,2,17) versus
the 12 Disciples(Matt.10:1-5) ?

19. How much is 200 pennysworth in John 6:7 ?

20. What significance does John 6:66 hold for l John
2:18,19; Rev. 13:15-18 ?

21. What was the Significance of Jesus writing on
the ground ,when the woman was caught in the
act of adultery according to John 8:3,6,8,9 ?

22. What did Jesus say truth will do for you according
to John 8:32,36 ?

23. Explain John 10:16 ?

24. How does John 5:43 compare with John 10:36-38 ?

25. How does a shepherd differ from a hireling
acording to John 10:12-14; 1 Peter 5:2-4 ?

26. Take your favorite verse or chapter and the
Bible, and show how the 11 points of
Systematic Theology apply to it.(Short paragraph)

27. In the above section under "Key Verses" , list
or name the Subect Matter of these significant
Chapters in the Book of John.


It is hoped that one's faith each and every-
day will be energized upon the discovery of the
Theology of Faith called pistology. Pistolology is a
Greek word that means faith.

That in pistology one can realize their true
success potential as well as deal with uncertainties
and unexplained assumptions and variables of life.
That one's Image Projection as Attitude, Aptitude and
altitude, which are Faith Hope and Charity. This will
be one's optimistic attitude, which is called the
Positive Mental Attitude(PMA) that is Poetry, Music,
Art will be the Map of Life on which one can chart
their course of life called Vision.

It is hoped that one will find that in Faith,
Hope and Charity rest in three dimensions of power.
Faith is the Attitude, Hope is the Aptitude and
Charity is the Altitude. The attitude of faith is
the spark or the match. This is called inspirational
initiation. The aptitude of hope is called
motivational energy or fire that is radiated power.
The altitude of charity(love) is is called transformed
appliance where your faith goes from being a verb and
it becomes a noun(from object to subject),from fire
to a light bulb,a lantern. Jesus said "I am the way
(Faith), the truth(hope), and the life(charity) as
found in John 14:6 cf. l Cor. 13:13.  
This entire section on Pistology(Faith Dimension) will be used with the Workshop CD entitled,"The Application of Faith and the Word of God in Life's Crisis and Challenges Workshop CD", ISBN 0974231290, by James Parrott.
Even though every man is given a measure a faith whether they are saved or unsaved, the Worldview and the Kingdom of God Viewpoints are different. The worldview sees faith as fate which is based on fantasy and fear. this type of faith is usually what astrologers and psychics see and ends up being fake or myth. However the faith God fearing believers have is favor ,which is a foundation and a fortress based on the Word of god and the Will of God that ends up being fact or parable. The Kingdom of Faith Treasure is based upon the principles is based upon Luke 12:34; Rom. 14:17; Matt. 13:44-46.
Number three is signifcant of Vision and/or dimension.
Its concerned with the Five Smooth Stones of the
Faith Dimension:
        a. Healing-----------Obedience
        b. Anointing---------Holiness
        c. Pursuing----------Love
        d. Breakthrough---Humility
        e. Empowerment--Truth
The First part of this Faith Dimension Vision is Declaring Faith:
        a. Goliath-l Sam. 17:9-11
        b. David----l Sam. 17:37,40,45, 46, 47
The Second Part of The Faith Dimension Vision  is Variables of Faith:
        a. Constant- Heb. 11:1;Heb. 13:8;Jude 3
        b. Changing--Heb. 4:2;Job 14:14
        c. Unknown--11 Cor. 5:7
The Third Part of the Faith Dimension Vision is Quantum Leap Faith:
        a. Calling Things That are Not- Rom 4:17; l Kings 17:1,2
        b. Abraham Leap of Faith-Heb. 11:8-10
Directions: Please answer the questions below using your Bible. Please answer the questions in a complete sentence.

1. What are the three dimensions of Faith Dimension Vision ?

2. Explain the three dimensions of the Faith variables ?

3. What is the Greek word for Faith in this
lesson ?

4. What theology does the author call this new
type of theology ?

5. What is this new three fold dimension of
power(formula) called ?

6. Describe this Triple AAA Formula of Faith ?

7. How does this Triple AAA Formula help you ?

8. How does this passaage describe PMA ?

9. What is the MAP Vision in this passage ?
10. How does the Worldview of Faith differ from the Kingdom of God's view of Faith ?
11. What is the Kingdom of Faith Treasure ?

Lesson Four: Effective Bible Study
By James Parrott

Bible Study is being pursued by Clergy, lay people,
Christian and non Christian people. Some study for
spiritual and sacred reasons, others have to study
the Bible as literature in a secular setting, others
enjoy the poetic esctatic verses in a leisure setting.
However, the questions comes up, what is the best
to Bible Study. Two questions you should ask your
Pastor, and Bible teacher, are the Bibles and books I am
studying , are they of lower criticism or higher
criticism. The first is representive of Biblical
Fundalmentalism and evangelical emphasis(Jude 3). The
second is new age, liberal and neo orthodoxy teaching
as indicated by l Tim 4:2.

After many years of studying the Bible I have come up
with a plan that can be used in all the above situations.
This approach to Bible Study not only will enhance your
understanding of the word of God, but it will transform
the way in which you will link at the world and issues
as based on John 3:12 and l Cor. 15: 45,47;l Cor.2:13-16.
This format is to be followed and eventually you will
developed your own format:
By J.W. Parrott,Jr.


Bible Text(s)__________________________Date____________

Directions: By using your Bibles, Dictionaries, Reference
Books, etc. you will fill in the categories below and
answer the exegesis summaries. You will be ready for
Bible Classes, Sunday School, Seminars, Personal Study,
etc. These lessons can be kept in your personal files
for future reference.

Part One: General Overview

1. Setting of Biblical Narrative:

2. Meaning of that Day:

3. Meaning Today :

Part Two:Exegesis Summary Completion Questionnaire:

1. What is the theme of this study ?

2. Who are the characters as well as their
significance ?

3. When an where did these events take palce in Biblical
History ?

4. Show how this study demonstrates the following:
A. Will of God:
B. Dispensation:
C. Theology:
D. Parable:
E. Prophecy:
F. History:
G. Salvation/Sin

5. How did people understand the text in their time ?

6. What is the meaning of the text for us today ?

7. Why is this text and topic necessary and relevant
today ?

ASSIGNMENT: Below are some questions that utilized the
above information as well as the assignment of
selecting three Bible Study Topics using the
above Bible Study Format(Part One and Part Two).
This lesson is free of charge, but those who want
a certificate a completion may submit to our
ministry a freewill offering that will cover shipping
and handling charges. God Bless You !

Part One: Christian faith In Action Bible Studies

1. Christian Growth- 11 Peter 1:5-8
2. Christian Witnessing- 11 Cor. 4:1-6
3. Confronting Issues- Haggai 1:1-11
4. Character Study of Lot-Genesis 13:5-13
5. Playing On the Devil's Turf- Judges 16:15-31
6. The Unseen World-11 Kings 6:8-19
7. Permissive Parents- 1 Samuel 2:18-26
8. Spiritual Depression-l Kings 19:1-8
9. Character Study of Cain-Genesis 4:1-15
10. The Tower of Babel-Genesis 11th Chapter

Part Two:

1. What groups of people study the Bible ?

2. How does Lower Criticism differ from higher
criticism ?

3. How can this formatted approach to Bible Study
transform one's life ?

4. How did Nicodemus misinterpret Jesus Message on
the New Birth(John 3:12) ?

5. What are the questions one should ask their
Pastor, Bookstore Merchants and Bible Teachers
when selecting books for Bible Study ?


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