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The Spiritual Significance of Palm Sunday

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                  Texts:Dan. 9:13-27;Luke 21:24-36
Part One: God's Time Clock Daniel 9:24-27(Luke 21:24-26)
   a. A Jewish Week was seven years(Gen. 30:20-29)
      1.  three score and two weeks-62 Weeks, 434 Years
           city rebuilt.
      2. Walls took to be rebuilt------- 7 weeks-49 years
      3. Total of 483 years=173,880 days divided 360 days
           in Jewish days of year(March 14,445 B.C. to April 6 A.D.
           483 Years(69 Weeks) that day was that Sunday(not a
           Sabbath)that Jesus road into Jerusalem  on a donkey;
          they  cried Hosanna . He was
           crucufied that Wednesday. The April 6 29:A.D. was on a
           and this is where we get Palm Sunday. Palms in those
           were used as food and medicine.
                If you take the word 'palm' and rearrange the letters, it
           spells the word' lamp'. The oil of palms was used to
           light lamps in those days.
       God's Time clock stopped on this Sunday, and will be
    when the Rapture occurs when the Prince(Daniel 9:27)
    makes a one week(7 Year Treaty) with Israel.
Part Two: Seven Jewish Feast--John 5:1-4(One of the feast
                    or Seasons) Its doing these times and season
                    God's chosen people had direct access
                    (Heavenly Portal) to God(John 5:4). This was like
                     the modern Jews who pray at the wailing wall
                     who believe, their prayers go directly to heaven,
                     and are answered.
  a. Feast Of Unleaven Bread---Matt. 26:17
  b. Feast of Passover-------------Matt.26:2
  c. Feast of First Fruits-----------Acts 2:1-4;1 Cor. 16:8
  d. Feast of Pentecost------------Matt. 24:30,31
  e. Feast of Trumpets-------------Matt. 24:30,31
  f.  Day of Atonement-------------Acts 27:9;Lev. 23:26-32
  g. Feast of the Tabernacles--John 7:1-2
 Part Three: Modern Day 7- Heavenly Portals(Matt. 6:6;
                        Heb. 9:24; Col. 2:16;Eph. 2:6)--This is why Paul
                        told Timothy to preach the word in season and
                        out of season(11 Tim. 4:2;Psa. 92:12).
 a. Lord's Supper--1 Cor. 11:28-31
 b. Faith and Word of God--John 6:63;Rom. 4:17
 c. Avoiding Bad Company--Psa. 1:1-3;1 Cor. 15:33;
 d. Obedience--1 Sam. 15:22; Mal. 3:9-12
 e. Purity of Heart(1 Sam. 13:13,14;Psa. 15:1-5)
 f.   Favor and Hedge---Job 2:3;Gen. 39:2,3;Luke 1:30
 g. Cause and Effect---Mark 7:21-23;Heb. 4:2;1 Sam. 17:29;
     John 18:37; )

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